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29 April 2007 @ 10:26 pm
OOPZ! it's almost ten lmao and i still have homework and have to shower and get ready for sleep and shit. whatever, i can sleep in and be ded at school tomorrow because i don't have track practice! there's a 6th grade invitational meet where all the 6th graders go to a big meet to show their stuffz~

speaking of track, friday was amazing. i easily had the best meet ever. i was so stressed out thursday night and kept on waking up like, every two hours and each time chugged a bottle of water and went back to bed. and i kept on having like, short nightmares about falling and shit. it was really sucky. :/ then friday at school i was stressed out too, and i couldn't stop thinking about it. gahh, i had so much stress for nothing. when we got there, i had a huge knot in my stomach and it was like WTF, we got there and they were already doing first call for hurdles, and i was in that!! so i warmed up really fast, put my spikes on, did some high knees and i was ready!! it went by so fast i didn't have time to be afraid. NO FALLS, NO TRIPS, NO NOTHING. i was the only one going from my school because the other guy went to a Sox game. BUT, i placed 2nd. i was beat by this huge black guy who told me he was held back twice ... x.x he was really big & black & frightening. but, he didn't beat me by a lot, so i felt proud.

they were doing triple jump differently than we do it in our conference. there's always two pits across from each other, with like, a track for you to run up to the pit. we do long jump on one side, triple on the other and you just go whenever. THEY only used one pit, the other for practice. LAME. and they did girl's long jump first, then when they were all done, they did boy's long jump. during all that, i just hung out with my friends and LOL there was like, this bunch of trees like, 20ft away from the track, and two people from my school thought it'd be a good idea to go there to pee. and they did. and everyone saw it. lmfao. before they even called for boy's triple jump, i did my 4 x 200m relay. 4 people, each runs half the track. i was anchor ( which is 4th ) and i was so pumped up haha. one of the guys who was taking the pill in the trees was the one passing the baton to me, and we had a really good handoff and i went FLYING. i ran my hardest and coach said i have like, perfect running form so that boosted me up so much. we placed in 1st, by a WHILE. 2nd place was the B team from my school, and the rest doesn't matter. xDD

so, after that, they finally called boy's triple jump so i went there, expecting to get my 29-30 ft jump. first time i did a practice and they were all like "THAT WUZ PERFECT IT SHOULD'VE BEEN A MEASURE" the next one was a measure, and i got ... 30.11in. two inches further than my personal best. we get three tries, so i went AGAIN and i got ... 31.9in. i was like, O.O!! and then the third time, i got 32.1½ and i was like O.O!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao. that was my best ever, so now i know it's not just the adrenaline after a nasty fall, but that i'm an awesome triple jumper. FIRST PLACE, BABY!!! :D:D:D the other kid from my school was like "...that's disgusting that a person can jump that far." lol that made me feel ... proud. so, i was in all high spirits because EVERYTHING i've done so far, i did well in and i felt like nothing can bring me down NO NO NO NO WAY!!!!! and ... it didn't. after a couple of more other races i wasn't in, they called .... the 4 x 400m relay. ;o

i'm always nervous about that one, because it's so draining. you run a whole lap around the track... run sprint! a whole lap around the track. looking around the track is always daunting, because it seems so big, but it doesn't really feel like it when you run it. when my team & i went to warm up for it by the fence, some girl, who was like, the only NOT ugly girl from the other schools was like "i like your spikes" so i grinned really big and said thank you. then we did the ~*hands to your toez*~ stretch and she's like "OH AND YOUR ASS, TOO!!" and i was like :D:D:D:D lmfao. so, yeah, we stretched while the girls ran first, cheered them on, w/e. then, we all lined up. i was anchor once again, and i was PUMPED. first guy got us into lead, second guy made the lead even bigger, third guy ... kept it the same, and then ME!!! it's all about me, baby. haha. i sprinted that bitch and at the halfway point, a bunch of girls were standing there cheering my name and i couldn't help but GRIN. the second half is always a breeze, but at that final turn, the achey and crazy leg muscles turn to like, jelly and you just wanna lay down because it feels SO weird. but w/e, i finished that bitch with cheers from the stands, and hugs when i finished. :D i got a really good split time of 1:03. that's a little bit worse than last year's conference meet time, but this was my first time running a 400 this year in a meet, so i think i'll improve. the meet wrapped up really quickly after that, and we went home.

i didn't stay home long, because my friend susan called and told me to meet her and a bunch of people at my sister's elementary school. so, we did and went to a pizza place for some pizza and then the girl we were with, kyosha, big black & i love her, drove us to a party. shit was CRAZY, and i felt so out of place lmfao. there was a ton of whory mexican girls "dancing." i say it's "dancing" because pretty much all they were doing was grinding against a guy's crotch while moving their hands around. so, after like, two hours of that, my mom picked me up and i went home and CRASHED.

saturday, i had to wake up really early because it was my sister's communion. she looked so beautiful, omg. most of the pictures are on my cousin's camera, but he said he'll put them on a cd. i swear, she's gonna be a fucking model. she's a tall, skinny, beautiful blue eyed blonde. it's crazy how gorgeous she is. the church part was ... boring, 'cause i don't like church, but it was nice once we get home. i avoided most of my family like the plague because most of them are alcoholic douchebags, but a lot of my cousins and relatives came that i haven't seen in a long time and haven't got a chance to dislike yet. :x so yeah, she got like, fucking 1300 dollars in cash & checks, and two iPods. one video, one nano and a dock thingy. i pretty much keep both in my room 'cause i put the music & shit on it for her. i also downloaded all of the games for it for FREE, my favorite price. hell no i'm not spending $60 for that on iTunes. all i had to do was hack it, and it works perfectly. bejeweled is tres fun. everyone pretty much left at noon at night, and my only uncle that i like stayed and we all just sat around, drank beer and talked about random shit. XDD i don't particularly like the taste of beer, but after a couple the taste doesn't matter. lol. i went to bed around 2 listening to the iPod. lmao it made me miss my old video iPod. she got a white one tho. i always used to sleep with mine.

thenn today i woke up, my mom didn't rly care that i didn't go to church, all she wanted me to do was fix alex's hair because she had to wear her communion dress again because they did their little performance of all the new communists. what else do you call children after they've been communionized? communionists? that doesn't roll of the tongue quite like communists. :x i just chilled, downloaded an R2 version of the Sailor Moon R movie, a find of which i'm VERY proud because it's my favorite movie out of the 3 and the quality is amazing, both video & audio. the rest was just ...... eh. i didn't really do much, and i won't waste space typing about not doing much, so i'll LEAVE IT AT THAT. BYE Y'ALL <333333333333333333333333333333333
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26 April 2007 @ 08:20 pm
so like... hi!! today was a much better day than yesterday. like i expected, i got into a really crazy mood at like, in between 12:00AM and 12:30. i remember cuz will&grace was on haha. i started cleaning everything and organized all my school binders and shit i had with me and i felt really good about myself. my room was all neat and clean and everything was in its place... yay!! i always think like "yeah, i'll keep it clean this time" but it only lasts a couple of days before i start throwing all my clothes on the ground. xDD

school was really good today. 4th period we just played jeopardy and 5th is always easy 'cause it's french. algebra was easy 'cause like, half the people weren't there so we just did some review. science, we took a test and it was really, really easy. my science teacher is a royal bitch but she's an amazing teacher and i'm thankful. then LUNCH. XDD i had a monster and i was really, really hyper and pretty much talked/laughed through the whole thing. my friend kristin who sits across from me was back today and she's always all hyper and it rubs off on me. <3 her.

9th & 10th was easy. took a test, and then we had a discussion on which question was more important: why or why not? i said they're both equally important, but i don't think they're REALLY important because instead of just asking questions, we should experience whatever it is for ourselves because you will learn a hell of a lot more from experience than from what someone told you. a bunch of people agreed with me so i felt really good lolol. we're having this unit on philosophy and ugh, i don't really like having discussions because it ALWAYSALWAYSALWAYS revolves around religion and my religious beliefs are pretty much........... nonexistant, but i don't wanna speak up because i respect the fact that people in my class do believe in God. i think discussing philosophy is pretty pointless, because i think everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, ethics, thoughts, opinions, etc., and arguing about it won't get you anywhere. everyone in my class is smart, because it's the advanced class, and highly opinionated and stubburn, and during discussions, no one's opinion budges a bit.

after school, i had TRACK PRACTICE :D:D:D it was really cool. we just ran a few 200m sprints, and i did really well and felt good except i got mud all over my white hoodie D: then it started raining, so we went inside but i was like "WE SHOULD STAY OUTSIDEMFIOEHIOGF" cuz it was warm and rainy, and i love the rain when it's warm. esp. swinging when it's warm & rainy. xDD then there was a really loud thunderthingy we heard from inside so i was kinda glad we came in. we did some core exercises, but my coach thought it'd be better to send people on the 4:00 bus home unless they did high jump which was set up inside. i'm good at high jump 'cause i'm tall and i can jump ... but i did it once and fell on the bar and bruised my back rly badly, so i stay away from that now. so i went home, sat with my friend nikki who's like, fucking amazing. i love her to death. she's always so happy and bubbly and so fuckin' pretty. lol.

yeah, so that's it. i have a meet tomorrow and i'll probably post about how i did unless i have some kind of accident again and i'm to embarrassed to tell anyone about it :X:X:X:X:X:X
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20 December 2006 @ 07:18 pm
Hell. Fucking. Yes.


Ring any bells?

Well, my favorite bitch in the world, Marguerite Perrin will be on TRADING SPOUSES AGAIN!!!!!!!

It will be on January 19th so yeah ... I'm pumped.

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11 November 2006 @ 03:55 pm
ugh, i wanna be 16 reeeally bad. I want to be able to drive & be able to work and buy all the stuff I want without hacving to ask. I'm not going to have to pay for much of anything else when I make my money becase I'm getting my mom's car which is like, brand new now when I turn 16, and she'll pay for the insurance too. So, I just want to have MONEY that's mine.

Anyays, yeah ... I just wanted to say that because there's SO many things I want and when I ask my mom for every single little thing, it's kind of annoying. Lolz.

Or I could just find a "sponsor" lolzz. That'd be pretty sweet. I can submit a personal ad to a newspaper. That'd be pretty nice. There's a ton of rich people here who could support me. xD

Oh! Omg, by the way I'm watching Romy & Michele's High School Reunion and learned her name is REALLY spelled with one L!! I thought it was Michelle. Anyways, it's really cute and I've seen it like, three times. I really like Lisa Kudrow and the other girl is like, wicked pretty. I love chickflicks, stfu. xDD

I can't wait for high school!! It's gonna be cool. I don't want to have a lame high school experience. I'm gonna make the best of it. I have a ton of really awesome friends that I'll be able to hang with in high school. Its my last year in middle school, and so far it's great. High school will kick ass, I hope. =] Idk why I'm thinking about it though. Maybe cuz of the movie. It's all about high school, and I really don't wanna be in my late twenties dreading going to a high school reuinion cuz my experience sucked & my life isn't any good now. I'm going to do something with my life. That's a vow I'm making to myself.

Soo, later! Lolz.
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05 November 2006 @ 08:38 pm
So, this weekend was pretty nice. Yesterday was very laid back and I helped around by like, cleaning & stuff. Then I raked a lot of leaves and took pictures of my sisters jumping in them. ^.^ It was really cute, and then we went out to eat. So, yeah, Saturday was nice.

Then today I went to church and... yeah, not much to say about that. Afterwards, we went grocery shopping ( heck yuss, lolz ) and I got a bunch of stuff to eat. I'm trying to be really healthy lately and everything, Idk why. I read a lot about what's in food, and it's like, disgusting. Like preservatives & shit. Yuck!! Soo, then we went to the mall and I went into A&F because my cousin works there, and I picked out a couple of jeans I wanted so he can get them discounted for me. So, instead of paying like, $140 for two pairs of jeans, we only paid $100. And they're really, really nice jeans too. Next week we're going to the Abercrombie store in another mall, because it's the one with smaller sizes. The shirts & stuff there are too big on me cuz I'm really thin, so we're gonna go there and use his employee discount there, because .. we can. Haha.

I ran into my two friends, Karleigh & Kristin at A&F and I introduced them to my mom & my sisters, and we kinda just talked for a while. It was cool. I usually feel really weird when I run into people this year, especially really pretty girls like them, but I'm good friends with them this year, so it was really cool. Hmm, so then we went to my cousin's house to pick up the jeans, because he can't buy them while he's AT work, so he had to wait until his shift was over to buy it & use his discount.

So, shoppping = my life, haha. Idk, I love it. I have a ton of clothes, but I feel like it's not enough. It's like I'm trying to fill a void by buying a ridiculous amount of clothes. WHATAVER, AT LEAST I LOOK GOOD. =]

I love my family. I love my friends. I'm pretty much lovin' life at this point.
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01 November 2006 @ 11:56 pm
I totally won student of the month in my school for October. They just told me today.

I feel very proud. I've been working my ass off in all of my subjects, especially in Math, since I had to catch up on half of the 500-something page book all by myself.

That really made me feel good today, even though physically I felt like shit 'cause I have a really bad cold.

I can't afford to miss school though. We get so much work in one day it's like, insane. It'd be impossible to catch up if I missed a few days.

On the topic of school, this year is just so much better than any year of school I can remember. Sure, the work is a lot harder, but I like the challenge. I also made a lot of new friends, especially people who I've never talked to because of my shyness. But yeah, I'm feeling a lot more confident this year in many ways and I'm really glad, cuz not only do I have hot friends, I have hot friends who are really good friends.

I can't believe it's already November. I can still remember Summer like it was yesterday and it's already, like, 40º outside!! Freezing!!! Thankfully, we're only gonna be going outside for gym 'till the end of this week. It's really frickin' cold. I love gym, though. Haha. I hate winter though!! I like how pretty everything looks all covered with snow, but I like to look at it from inside with the heat turned up! I hate being cold. =[

So, my dad's still in jail. It's almost been 3 months. My mom told him there was like, no way for her to get the 20 thousand to bail him out ( even though she could ) because she's scared that he'd flee the country. There's already 10 thousand that are there from the last time he was arrested, and since he hasn't had a verdict yet for that case, the bond hasn't been returned. So, if we were to bail him out now and he'd flee, WE would be 30 thousand dollars in debt. ...That would not be good. I already told my mom that he isn't worth even a fraction of that, and she agrees. She finally realized how awful of a father he was to us and how awful a husband he was to her for the past 19 years. Their anniversary was like, a week ago and told him that this is the last year that they're going to be married before hanging up on him. Ouch. So, like, he tried to kill himself too. Idk how, but some black guy saved him. I was listening in on the phone while him & my mom were talking. I think suicide is a cowardly thing to do, and he should just accept the fact that he fucked up and he needs to make up for it and start over. I'd like to forgive him and just be over it all because keeping a grudge isn't healthy, but when I look back on my life, he has never really been a good person, so how should I be a good person to him? Idk.

I'm surprised at how my mom is handling everything. This year has been hella difficult for her. Starting out with my brother's death and everything, my dad going to jail ... but she seems happier than she has been in a long time. She even told me that for the first time in so many years, she finally feels free to do what she pleases. And I'm so happy for her, because she's dedicated so much of her time to me & my siblings, and she deserves happiness of her own.

Anyways, I just wanted to get that all out, because I've been looking at past entries, and it's cool to remember everything that's been going on, and I wanna write this now so in a couple of years I can look back and remember how things were like now. ^.^
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06 September 2006 @ 10:46 pm
Suri Cruise is SUPAH KAWAII.

she's totally bringin' sexyback. YEAH!
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02 September 2006 @ 11:49 pm
according to SNL, this is how business is spelled:

b r d t f k l m g h r k w t f n y l k p q w q r t d f p l m k q k w q q q q q q q q q q q q s t f j r q m t s d t q m p r f t d p d p l h r k t k t b f t.

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31 August 2006 @ 11:08 pm
um, so there's no more orange juice so i'm eatin' an orange popsicle instead... lolz.

so, i started school last wednesday ... and i've already gotten my schedule changed 3 times. it's f-ed^

wednesday no one even paid attention as to what class you're in so everyone was just out in the halls for the half day and it was cool to get to see some people i havent seen in a while. then thursday, i go to my classes and i'm not on the fukkin' list for any of them, so its like, wtf. so, after school thursday i got it fixed, and they were all switched around.

then it stayed that way for friday. then on monday, the prinicpal comes up to me and he's like "we messed up your schedule again" and im like "how?" and hes like "you're supposed to be in advanced lit&lang." 8th grade in my school is divided into 2 teams, and i was on team 2 while the advanced classes were on team 1. SO, i got my ENTIRE schedule changed. and with ALL different teachers... it felt kinda stupid walking into their room all "im in your class now" lolz

SO, it stayed that way until wednesday ... when my pre-algebra teacher walks up to me and she's like "i looked at your grades from last year and you had straight a+'ses, i've talked to the prinicpal about it and we're moving you into algebra. you'll have to play catchup cuz you missed all of last year in it, but we're only doing one chapter for review, and the rest is new to everyone." so, like ... 'kay. but this made only 4 of my classes switch around, since there's 10 periods, and they're blocked by 2s. so, if one changes, two change. but since algebra is only taught 6th period, when i had french, my social studies, french, math & science classes all had to switch.

SO! my schedule is as followsss:

1st Period - Advisory ( 8:00-8:15)
2nd Period - P.E. ( 8:20-9:05)
3rd Period Exploratory [ rotates every 6 weeks ] ( 9:10-9:55)
4th Period - Social Studies ( 10:00-10:45)
5th Period - French 2 ( 10:45-11:30 )
6th Period - Algebra 1 ( 11:35-12:20)
7th Period - Biology ( 12:25-1:10)
8th Period - LUNCH! ( 1:15-1:45)
9th&10th Period - Lit&Lang ( 1:20-2:45)

yah, that's it.
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02 August 2006 @ 06:39 pm
lmfao @ this new tmobile commercial

this little girl: mom, i think it's about time i got my own cellphone...

her mom: phones are expensive ... wouldn't you rather get a tattoo
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